Post processor will not work, post start of g-code, then nothing

We have tried everything we can come up with to get it to post, but nothing works, can we reload sheetcam to possibly fix this? any thoughts/help welcome.

I’m a newbie too, but I bet it would help the helpers if you could add some details:

Do any other post processors work? (i.e. pick a random, do you get code)

What operation and settings are you running?

What process/workflow are you using to try to get it to post? It was a big change for us coming from an older BobCAD.

Good luck regardless!

Have you set up a cut operation? If so, can you see the green tool paths?
If you can see teh tool paths the problem could be your license. In SheetCam go to Help->about. If you send me a PM with the license ID I will check it for you.