Plate marker with plasma help

So I when I initially set up sheetcam with my dynatorch I needed a custom post processor to make everything work. Hard drive failed and lost the post processor and have forgot how to make it work.

I have a dynatorch plasma table. When trying to run the plate marker just now, it turned the scriber on, but didnt lower the tool. No problem, ill lower it manually. Ran the marking operation, then successfully plasma cut everything. Except it didnt offset for the plate marker tool. I believe the order of operation should go g541 (offset). M08 (lower scriber), M60( turn scriber on) then run scribe path. M61 (turn scribe off) M09(raise scriber). Offset off. And onto plasma operation.

Anyone know how to make that all work using the most elementary terminology for my uneducated ass would be greatly appreciated.

In SheetCam go to Options->machine->post processor and select the ‘Dynatorch old’ post. That should do what you want.