x and y reversed

I have a 4x4 table and the X and Y are going the wrong directions. I think the guy I bought the table from had it set up 180 degree different than i do, for example if I jog with the left arrow the torch moves right, etc…how can I reverse that?

I tried reversing it the same way ive seen to reverse the Z axis and the X would seem to reverse properly but the the Y would move the motors on both sides of the arm different directions so it would start to twist.

Is there just a way to tell sheetcam I want to basically flip the table 180 degrees?

Thanks guys

If you have a dual motor gantry you have to switch the direction of both motors. The Y slave motor is typically A.

Thanks I didn’t think about that, I thought both motors just got the same input. So does that sound right? Just reverse the x and y the same way I did the z in the soft limits section of the settings?

Assuming Mach3 since you haven’t stated.
You should have one of the dual drive motors (probably A) set to reversed in the soft limits.
Then to change direction go to Config → Ports and Pins → Motor Outputs and then change Dir LowActive to reverse the direction.
You can also reverse the travel direction of the Z by swapping the Dir pin.

Thanks that fixed my issue, A was the other motor I needed to flip so the whole gantry moves together and now everything is moving in the right direction. Thanks for all the help guys

Glad you got it going. Happy to help.