Write a postprocessor?

Hor much work is it to write a postprocessor for:

HURCO made under license by Reading England for HURCO MFG.Co. Inc.
Indianapolis USA

Model No: MB 1
Serial No: MB8-003-050
A.C. volt 380
Amps : 18
Phase : 3
Pneumatic press : 80 lbs / in = 5,45 bar
British Patent no : 984.374


It can digest G-code.

If you have a G-Code program that has already been run on the machine, it’s pretty easy to modify an existing post to produce the same output. Without knowing the Hurco machine specifically it might be hard to write a post from scratch.

OK. We have complete documentation for the machine. I guess one could use the Mach3 processor as a starting point.

See if you can find a sample G-Code program on the internet or maybe another forum and use that as a guide. The Hurco may or may use standard G-Code. Some of these manufacturers use their own flavor of G-Code.

If you can’t find any sample code, do some testing to determine if G0, G1, G2 and G3 behave as you would expect. Also figure out if the machine likes to be in CV or exact stop mode. That should be a good starting point. You can fine tune the post from there.

Oh, it understands G-code alright:

I am trying to find out whether that doc matches the printed docs right now.

You should be OK with starting out with a generic post. Just use a simple drawing to test with and as always, cut air first, not metal.