When I import a DXF file into sheetcam it shows up monstrous

Hi I’m new with Sheetcam.
When I import a DXF file it shows up monstrous, for instance as a test I drew a 6-inch by 10 inch rectangle in illustrator and exported it as a DXF file and then I imported it into Sheetcam it comes up at about 144" x 240" how I determined this is that my machine shows up right next to it and is entered as 48" x 48"
I use that as a scale to determine the size of my drawing which comes out to be 3 times wider and 5 times longer than the table size.
Please let me know what I’m doing wrong I want to try my new plasma table out.
Thank you JimD.

This is a metric/inch problem. Some CAD packages output in metric even if you drew the part in inches. This is probably what is happening in your case.

When you import the drawing a box pops up with a number of options. It is probably set to inches at the moment. If you set it to metric your drawing will probably come out the right size.