Warning feed rate is zero

Hello Everyone
I bought sheetcam in 2004 or 2005. After a 10 year break from cnc I tried to get back into it in 2016 Les was kind enough to look up my license key and sent a new copy to me. Now 7 years later I have finally gotten a new cnc partially built and am starting to practice with freecad and trying to get sheetcam to generate the g-code for drilling hold-down holes for my table it only generates 2 lines of code G21 M5 M30. After reading a post about the same issue here on the forum I re did the license key but it still outputs the same code. Its a long time since I have done any cad work or sheetcam use so it might be my newbie attempts to use it.
Thanks for any help James Coleman

If your license is that old it was probably for the original SheetCam. This license won’t work with SheetCam TNG.