Visual C++ Runtime files not found, can't run.

Went to load the current release on my shop XP PC (not connected) and get the above at install.
Ran earlier versions just fine. Around V5 … I think.
Where, what do I need to do to get the necessary files loaded ?

You can download the runtimes from the SheetCam downloads page. You need vc_redist. I don’t think SheetCam V7.x.x will run properly on XP. If I remember correctly the V6 series was the last that would run on XP.

Thank you Les, I’ll try it.
Might have to upgrade a bit. :slight_smile:

It’s getting harder and harder to support XP and as there are so few XP users left i’m afraid I can’t reall justify the work.

I understand that, I don’t expect XP support and I totally agree.
I’ve been away a while, just now getting back in to it a bit.

It looks to be running OK so far. Have to check out all the new goodies.
Last was V4. . .
Nice work Les.
Take care, my friend.