V4.1.6 released

Hi all,

I have just uploaded V4.1.6 to <www.sheetcam.com>. This version has the following changes:

Fixed: Orange outlines showing at the wrong time
Added: DNC tool can now run an external program
Changed: Lots of multi-select code
Changed: Now uses current XP theme (XP only)

To run an external program, click on the configure button in the DNC tool. Select ‘Run external command’ and then enter your command. The % character is used as an escape to specify various different strings.

%% = % character
%F = full file name and path
%f = file name without path or extension
%p = path without filename
%e = extension

For instance:
notepad.exe %F
will open the file in Notepad.

copy %F com10
will send the file to com10

If ‘wait for command to finish’ is checked then you cannot run the post processor again until the command has finished. You can also terminate the command with the abort button. Note abort kills the running application so you don’t get prompted to save changes etc. If you have ‘run in a dos box’ selected the dos box gets killed but the running command may not.

I am thinking of adding a DDE option. Does anyone have a use for this? DDE has the advantage in that it can send a message to an already running application (if the application is not running it will be started).