V carving?

Is there a plugin or extension that can give sheetcam some or all of the functionality of Vcarve Pro? It would be great if sheetcam could vary the Z depth to create variable width cuts in a pocketing operation.

Scott Sutton

This is being worked on right now. Hopefully it will be available some time in January or Feruary.

When it is finished the plugin may well end up as an extra cost option.

If I could get the cutting functionality of Vcarve even without the design aspects of it the plugin would be well worth the cost if it is reasonably priced. I am running into more and more sign work and I am going to have to break into V carving eventually. I use a variety of other CAD packages to design in so If I could get a CAM system to calculate tool paths for V pockets I would be in business.

BTW, the arc lead in and arc lead out method did work for my vinyl cutting attachment for my router. I have produced some very fine detail vinyl work and produced some really large banners for a Christmas parade float as well. Sheetcam is an excellent driver for vinyl work. What else can it do Les?


I intend to keep the price fairly low. Initially it will just be basic V carving but it will probably be extended in the future.

What else can it do Les?

Well, it still doesn’t make the coffee…

Thats just one more attachment to my machine and there it is…coffee. I can handle that one.

I do plan to add the facility fro post processors to add custom parameters to tools. In the mean time you can use the DefineVariable() or DefineCustomOption() functions.

I have been following the posts regarding the “cutting an island” as well as the V-carve possibilities. I will be interested in participating in those expanded features.

If you install the latest development version you can try the V carving function.