V carve plugin

I am interested in the plugin for V carving with SheetCam, are there any tutorial videos I can watch before buying.
Thanks Tom V

I really must make a video on that. Here’s a 30 day key so you can try it before you buy. In SheetCam go to Options->plugin options->VCarve and enter this code: DUR4-1PPA-897L

Note that the key will expire in about 1 month from now.

Thanks Les I will check it out

HI Les
well the purpose I have for doing V carving is to do inlays. To do this you need to have 2 parts a male (plug) and a female (pocket) that will interlock when mated. This requires the male to be a mirror of the female and be shaped to form the plug (raised part). the process is the female is routed with inside cuts and the male is routed with outside cuts. see attached images of the 2 types of work that is needed for inlays.
The V carve tool in SheetCam only routes the inside section with no way to select an outside offset.
Unless I am missing a way to configure the V carve option it will not do the functions for inlays.
Thanks Tom V

Draw around the outline of the plug blank. Your pattern will now be inside that outline.

HI Les
I did some testing and the V Carve option will not remove material as another program does. And cannot be used for inlay work where a wider operation is needed. It may work fine for thin or single line font inlay work, but not the type I want to do.
The first image shows the circular type of tool path that is needed for the inlay work I want. It also had the ability to remove wider sections that makes the circular motion much wider called Maximum carve width. It maintains a flat depth no matter the but depth verses the width.
Thanks for giving me a time to test. :slight_smile:
Tom V

In your V carving operation there is an option called ‘create pocxket’. If you enable that it will create a pocketing operation that you can use to remove the remaining material. The pocket only removes areas that aren’t cut with the V cutter. You can use the V cutter in that pocket or a different tool.