V carve module for sheetcam

I’m a happy sheetcam user and quite impressed with the help I got earlier when I had questions.

I’ve bought a chinese cnc router with a dsp and I can use sheetcam to make 2.5d parts with it. (machine is still in transport btw)

Now i want to extend my possibilities and play around with v carve.

I’ve noticed the v carving module but i would like a bit of information how it works,

Can I carve stuff like photos etc?
what file format does the v carve module need to work with?

I have cad experience but very little cam experience.

Anyone that could give some user experience or manual is much appreciated.

The v carve module doesn’t handle bitmap pictures. It varies the depth depending on the width of the shape being cut. This video demonstrates how V carving works, though I don’t think it is using SheetCam to generate the tool paths. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vy3jepTR6Kk

Hello Les,

Thanks for the information! Sounds like a easy to use piece of software. Just to check: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o6-W54jUdFA This is possible with your v carve tool?

When the machine arrives I’ll start playing around with it and then buy the v carve tool. Can I find a manual or something to learn a bit about it?

Are there other users working with the RZNC-0501 DSP controller and sheetcam? It is a simple router so it should be not that difficult to control but I’m no expert.

There is more information about this DSP controller and the G code it uses:

Are most routers controlled by a generic post processor? That sounds logical to me: basically they all have yxz and spindle on/off.

Of course I’m not hindered by any knowledge :wink: so I would love to learn :wink:


Nobody using V-Carve? I can’t find a good topic about the v carve plug in. I know 30 dollar is cheap and sheetcam is really good but when i can’t find something like a manual or more information about the plug in than i’m not sure wat the best option is.

What I can find about the V carve plug in is that there is some difficulty with following the right line.

Are these problems solved since it is added as a optional plug-in that you must buy?

hoping to hear some info from a user. Thanks!

I do need to create some tutorials for V carving. I have sent you an evaluation license off-list so you can try it out.

Hello Les,

Feeling a bit stupid but what is “off list”?

Icant find a license key anywhere?

I sent it to your email address.

Hello Les,

MM it did not arrive (yet??) weird.

Could you resend it to me?

Thanks! After using it I will write some feedback and user experience, should help others in the future.

I sent you a private message instead.



Short video when i’m using the V carve plugin for the second time.

Looks good, now wait for my cnc router :wink:

I can’t find the place to purchase the v carve license . Would like to give it a try.
Okay , I found out where to buy it , any chance of a trial before purchase?

Yes. I’ll send you a license off-list.

Can you tell me how to try the v-carve plugin?

Rockwood Metals

I’ll send you a license off-list.

Here is an example of what you can do with the v-carve option.

Set up a tool as a 120 Vbit and used a 1 1/4 diameter ballnose.

Approx 130 vectors.

10 by 50 inches. About 31 minutes machine time.

That’s an interesting effect. I have to admit I never thought of using a ballnose cutter.