Use DXF files to produce a printable dimensional blueprint?

Just thought I’d ask if anyone knew of a program that I could use to import a DXF file into and add dimensional values to for the purpose of printing blueprint style? I use Aspire to create vectors, convert to DXF and import into SheetCam. It would be great if I could kill two birds with one stone here produce a blueprint to send out to the shop…

Thank you in advance for any input you guys may have. Tim

Go to here and get a Free … Real CAD program “Draftsight”:

Learn to draw in it and you’ll be happy you spent the time…

It will do anything you need with dxf and dwg files.

Thank you for the link and advise… tg

No matter what software a person uses it’s always a learning curve… Let me know I may be able to help. Draftsight is a “clone” of autocad so it volumes of info on youtube too…


I use draftsight, it’s advantage being it’s free. I also use CorelDraw for most of my designing, and it also allows you to add dimensions to the drawing, it’s disadvantage being it’s not free. I suppose it depends on the types of things you design as to what program will be best for you.


Thanks AJ & Steve…

Draftsight sounds like the way to go, I’ve been putting off learning CAD for as long as I can probably justify. The CorelDraw prompted me to take a look at Photoshop which will get me by until I learn Draftsight.

Thanks again guys, much abilged. tg