Updated to 3.0 and not it doesn't work

I have been running version 2.5 for about 7 months, yesterday it asked me if i wanted to update to version 3.0. I go to bring up a file i have it brings up a window that says it reading the file and then it brings up a bug file report. It says there is a problem at C:\DOCUMENTS AND SETTINGS\OWNER\LOCAL SETTINGS\TEMP\SHEETCAM\TNG dbgrpt-1472-20100908t125509. I don’t know what this means. Could you help me out.

Thanks, Dustin G

Does this happen with all job files or just the one?

Yes, It happens to all the files i have and all of them have been run through sheetcam before. I don’t know if i am missing a set up step or what. To be quite honest i am still learning this. I knew i shouldn’t have updated it. I was getting along just fine before this.

I am not sure what is going on here. For the mean time you may have to revert back to the previousversion. Here is a link to the download http://www.sheetcam.com/Downloads/akp3fldwq/SheetCam%20TNG%20setup%20V2.0.11.exe

Is there any chance of you sending me a job file in case it is something specific to your job files?