Uccnc plasma, floating head. Trouble with height

Hi, I have converted my Esab Cnc plasma with UCCNC Axbb-e and I use Sheetcam. I will add a scriber later so I use the UCCNC Plasma with scriber PP. I have a Proma THC150 and a Hypertherm powermax 105 using the CPC dividided voltage for the THC. I’m all new to Cnc systems but made the conversation myself.

I did the first live test yesterday, but after the M31 command the plasma height is higher than the settings. Like 5mm higher than the pierce height. So I think I need to change some offset of the floating head switch. Checked the settings in the Plasma scriber PP but it doesn’t have any switch offset settings.

I would appreciate all the help I could get. Anyone else here that use a similar setup with UCCNC?

I’d the problem in the PP, job settings or in the UCCNC software?