Trouble setting up a tool.

I’m having trouble setting up a tool.
when the measure is not an integer, an error window appears stating that a comma must be inserted, even though I have already done this correctly, the error persists.

Looks like a bug to me, but just a hunch here, did you try a decimal (.) instead of a comma (,). I know some countries use commas where we in the USA use decimals. Might be a translation issue. Les will have to chime in here. Or try other combinations even… looks like you may have typed “,5”… try “0,5” or vise versa.

This can sometimes happen if you have a mismatch between the locale the computer is set to use and the locale selected in SheetCam. In SheetCam go to Options->application options->language and set it to ‘System default language’. After restarting SheetCam the problem should go away.

I tried this and it worked. Thanks!