Touch plate - tool change setup sheetcam + linuxcnc

Hi everyone,

i would like to know more on how to set up a ‘probe or touch plate’ in sheetcam with linuxcnc.
Some background of my cnc: I am very new to both software. I run sheetcam in the Wine-app under Linuxcnc. My machine is a simple XYZaxis milling-machine, i got 3 homesensors installed and they work fine in Linuxcnc. (I used this machine for almost 10 years now with software under windows xp that came with the machine but it was time to look for a better and also affordable software solution) I have a touch plate that came with the machine but i never used it.
Is there a way that i can set up sheetcam so linuxcnc knows, when a tool change is required, the machine should go to the touch plate where i need to install the next tool and after that linuxcnc continues to finish the work.
Till now i always tried to work with just one bit-diameter (so without toolchanges) If a tool change was necessary i always needed to make two or more files corresponding the tool-diameters needed.
But i would like to know, if a touch plate could save time, what is needed to do in order to work well under sheetcam+linuxcnc.

Thank you in advance already for your help!