Torch on and Off not functioning

Hi - I’m having issues with my torch relay not firing up off a file I have drawn in DraftSight. When I use the manufactures file and load it into OpenBuilds, the relay works perfectly. I’m also using the GRBL plasma no Z for my post processor. When comparing the .GCODE files in notepad, it looks like I’m missing some text explaining what the machine will do? Although, that may not be too important. (See image attached between files, also they are not the same shape so the code will be different).

My machine is a JD Garage DIY kit, I’ll be using a Hypertherm Powermax 65. I’m using the free version of Sheetcam too.

Edit the G-code file and add this line at the very beginning:


Does it now work?

Perfect, thank you! That works well. Before sending each file to OpenBuilds, will I need to manually edit the code with s1000 each time?

Should be able to edit the post processor. To make it match your first file, looks for M3 & add the s1000 after it.

I can modify the post. Which post are you using?

I am specifically using ‘GRBL plasma no Z’ - thanks!

This should fix it.
To install this post, save the attachment to any convenient folder on your computer then run SheetCam and go to Options->machine->post processor. Click on the ‘Import post’ button. Using the box that appears, navigate to your post and open it. Go back to Options->machine->post processor and make sure your post is selected.
GRBL plasma no Z.scpost (3.11 KB)

You’re a lifesaver. The file works brilliantly, thank you very much.