Torch not stopping before end of cut

I am trying to fix a problem created when the plasma torch does not turn off before it crosses a previous cut. When this happens, the arc wanders and takes a nasty bite out of my work. I have tried using cutting rules to resolve it but don’t seem to be making much progress. Sheetcam is inserting a M10P1 command into the gcode at the appropriate spot but Mach 3 doesn’t seem to recognize this command. When I pull up a list of Mcodes while in Mach3, M10 is not listed.

Does Mach3 recognize the M10 command or should I be using something else like M05?

M11 (fast laser on) / M10 (off) in Mach 3 only works if
a) you are using a parallel port
b) a motion controller that supports it (it if a function that must be programmed into the firmware of the motion controller). the warp9 Ethernet smooth stepper does support M11/M10… most others (even pdmx) don’t support it. the CNCdrive uc100/uc300/uc400/axbbe “may” support it… you will need to ask on the forum

the ESS will only support 1 M11/M10 function (M11Px does not work)

if you want full control, consider using something other than mach3 which is no longer developed (linuxcnc +plasmac is probably the most promising at the moment)

also have a look at the pokeys boards as they are cheap and work with mach3/mach4 but ask on the forum about M11/M10 support.

uccnc has proved good… but with covid they have been slow (non existent) with development since Feb 2020

I am probably going to bite the bullet and do what I should have done years ago and learn linuxcnc… as I really need a good metric lathe application with full spindle servo control for threading via encoder… with parametric programming, problem with linuxcnc in my observation of dabbling with it on and off for probably 8 years now is you “could” end up spending more time under the bonnet than driving the CNC… hence windows CNC systems just work and you are constrained by what the can and cannot do by the developer of the software and motion controller… if you have the time and learn it linuxcnc (really learn it!) can be made to do anything you want

fast laser in Linux CNC is g64, as is mach4. uccnc have a number of plasma gcodes that work in sync with motion (no slowing down or divots) and was I would have said the most promising until linuxcnc+plasmac arrived on the scene


is it fair to say they have been non existent with development. Have you heard from a reliable source that they have done zero development from February.

Dezsoe claims UCCNC is still under development. Perhaps they have been doing development behind the scenes but simply have not released any new versions for a while. If I remember correctly, when I was trying to get a simple bug fixed in the UCR201 programming, months and months went by (think it’s over a year now) and Cncdrive said they’d been busy with lots of other things related to UCCNC.

Just trying to find out the facts.

I feel exactly the same as you with Linuxcnc. Sounds like a great piece of kit and has lathe, and I really like the sound of PlasmaC but on the few occasions I’ve looked into it I felt like the rabbit hole could go deep.


yes it is fair to say non existent…

if you look at the replies they are just spinning logs and replying to the run of the mill stuff … if you ask a proper technical question … it gets ignored (not the noob setup stuff (my spindle runs when I turn the machine on… the probing doesn’t work etc)

I may be 100% dead wrong but it’s like they shut up shop when covid hit Hungary and are just selling boards.

I think from the discussions had years ago on the active forum when they had a few of us eager users that they used local students from the university to do some of their programming … maybe with covid they have lost this avenue for development.

I feel bad as I recommended their stuff a lot (as they were proactive, helpful etc)… but I’d say in the last year to 18m there has been a change…)

I know they have sold a lot of boards…that’s obviously where the money is… the software is comparable or better than mach3 and easier than mach4 (imo)… so it’s now a cash cow… why develop much further… the money is not really there… development is not going to bring in a flurry of new users…

so for 90% of hobby users it’s great… but if you learn a bit and want a bit more or are ready to do something else (lathe / turn / parametric programming / wizards… or want to modify the screenset… forget it… (the screenset is easy to modify… until you get the next release of software (if that ever happens again…) then the new functions may not work as there are no screenset object settings on your screenset for the new functions…)

I’ve just really struggled with linuxcnc… but that is 100% me as I’ve been lazy with plug and play and windows etc… it mostly just works… and if it doesn’t you can’t do anything about it… with Linux sure you can do anything… if you are a programmer or can get your head in the game with terminal syntax / hardware abstraction layer (hal) then you can do anything.

time to pull my finger out and get to it … as I have no excuse as I already have the hardware (7i76e + thcad10) for plasma… but REALLY I’d like to get my lathe running… as the plasma, mill and router are happy with uccnc as even if CNCdrive shut up shop today but lathe / turn seems to be a problem when you want threading and some simple (parametric) wizards or macros in metric to work… I’ve tried frigging uccnc for lathe but then you hit a snag and realise you are up against it using something that is not designed for that job.

I’d like more time driving the thing than under the bonnet… (I have a fairly expensive (for a hobbyist) semi synergic mig welder just for the purpose of being able to just pick it up set the material thickness and get good welds after not welding for months … ok I may not be able to weld bridges or track rods but better than the cheapo bird poo welder I was using before with poor wire feed control… I just want to be able to feed a CNC lathe gcode and it does what it’s told with a few simple Marcos for facing, parting off / grooving , boring, and turning…)

the Tig welder is nice too… it just welds… no fuss… no under the bonnet time. set and go…

like sheetcam… it just does what it needs to and has a really easy to edit post processor if you want add something or change something in the gcode… great for a hobbyist who dabbles… (plus commercial users too) … idiot proof simple to use, setup etc… when you’ve done it a few times

Thanks for the reply Rob.

I’m starting to wonder if you are right.

This thread:

which I started one and a half years ago to get a very simply software fix done to the UCR201 hand pendant plugin, has not had a solution so far. Just had words along the lines of “we’re working on it” but no fix yet. And it should be a very simply fix so all I can say is that is a clear indication that something is going on in Cncdrive and they are not fully focusing on UCCNC any more.

I made another post in that thread yesterday to ask if the bug got fixed. Dezsoe has responded to another thread afterwards but not to mine. Perhaps he’s looking into it ???

It’s really going to hurt if this is the end for UCCNC. I’ve put my heart and soul into this software and even built my own torch height control that interfaces directly with UCCNC via a serial connection. Was hoping to eventually take things further but am now losing confidence. I was also there in the early days with UCCNC doing all sorts of tests with a logic analyser, and microcontroller injecting test signals into UCCNC. Literally spent weeks testing the software and found loads of bugs which Cncdrive did fix, yet my reward is that I can’t even get a simple software fix in the UCR201 pendant after one and a half years of asking.

I hope I’m wrong… I really genuinely do…

I see you got replies… proof of the pudding is in the eating… see what they release… (wonder how soon though… just watch and wait)

I’m back dabbling with linuxcnc (path pilot) for a lathe … see what happens.

for my needs (plasma) uccnc does alright (sheetcam always exceeds my needs)

Hi Rob,

based on whispers I’m hearing through the grapevine plus my own personal experience where a tiny little software change has not been done after one and a half years, despite repeated assurances of “it’s nearly done, working on it now” :laughing: I cannot help but lean towards the thoughts that software efforts have largely been abandoned, and maybe they are focusing more on selling hardware. Perhaps the software development simply required too much of their time. If so I’m just hoping they will try and team up with some company that specialises in programming.

I’m looking into Pathpilot too but reading up on it and viewing their website make it seem like they only want to sell Pathpilot for Tormach machines. I can’t actually find where to buy the fresh install USB. All I can find is this upgrade USB stick:

Is that actually the one I need ??
I’m guessing after that, one needs to change the parameters in the setup file to suit the individual machine, and that’s the hard bit.



yes that’s the upgrade stick that you need.

it will boot up (if you tell your bios to boot via USB first) and it will ask which drive do you want to wipe and install it on… note WIPE.

it will then reboot and look for compatible Mesa card hardware (5i25 or 7i92 it seems)… if it doesn’t fine either of them … if gives you a blank screen

so under reboot you press whatever key combo (I’ve not done it yet) and that will get you into terminal… where you can mod whatever you need to

or you can load the Pathpilot drive as a second HDD and edit it from another version of Linux and remap the pins of Pathpilot to your chosen flavour of Mesa hardware ports and pins (that’s the theory…). like I said not tried it yet.

i should have my memory stick in a few weeks as it’s shipped and it’s waiting for some Mesa hardware at a forwarding agent I am using (cheaper on shipping)

I mainly want it for lathe but may use it for mill too… we will see I want something idiot proof with little bonnet up time once it’s working… and I’ll use sheetcam to do the mill post processing for profiles. the simple operations via the Pathpilot conversational wizards (facing etc)

check out the online Pathpilot SIM here

(sorry Les I know we are OT)

I just feel I’ve been ignored (not even replied to on the UC forum for a while… when asking just questions “this / that doesn’t seem to work”)

drop me an email Keith if you want to take it offline as we have chatted before. I just would like something that works without bull and hype.

also check out the manuals on the tormach site as they are very comprehensive including ones on Pathpilot under the various mill lathes and plasma machines they sell

Cheers Rob,

armed with that new knowledge that I need the Mesa cards too, I might just hold off for a while. Had a lot of outgoings lately. Can’t do much experimenting with a black screen :laughing:

Might check out the simulator though.