Toolset location

I’m new to Sheetcam TNG and using it for plasma cutting with a CandCNC setup. I’m wondering where is the default tool set stored or how I know the current tool set name? out of curiosity I purposely deleted the file I used to establish the current tool set and Sheetcam still retained the set, which I’m good with, i just wonder where it resides and can I see its name to identify it later on if i forget?
Would there be a reason for multiple tool sets VS multiple versions of a tool in a single set. This would be for a basic plasma setup with a rotary axis add on for square tube plasma cutting. I know there is a probably a million reasons for a million tool sets, but my goal is to keep it simple for now, however I don’t want to paint myself into a corner for the future either.

Probably seems like a dumb question but i just don’t have any real cumulative experience on Sheetcam yet, Thanks in advance.

Also, are there any indications if you’re in a part file or job file? And whats the difference, is a job typically used as the final nest regardless if its one part or 20 different parts?

The default tool set is ‘’. You can find it in Help->open settings folder. In Linux it is in ~/.sheetcamtng-dev.
The default tool set is loaded when SheetCam starts up. If you then load a tool set that overwrites the default tool set in memory. Job files also contain a tool set so loading a job file will overwrite the tool set in memory with the one in the job file.
You can get Sheetcam to always use the default tool set when you load a job by going to Options->application options->advanced->Always use default toolset. In that case it will warn you if there is a difference between the two sets.

As an aside the settings folder contains all of SheetCam’s settings, custom posts etc so it is worth keeping a backup of this folder.

Thank you Les