Tool Offset for OnDrill Commands

Is there a way to get a tool offset for the OnDrill command.
My plasma table only has one output on the breakout board. So to overcome this issue with a scriber I have a 10position rotary switch that send the breakout board to different relay coils to power the different tools. I have My machine pause at tool changs so I can turn the switch and move on.
My air scribe is a pencil die grinder that all I want to do is drop it for a split second to get an acurate point to drill on later. I have it setup as a jet tool and tool #101 and have the pierce delays and cut height set so that it just touches the plate when the slide extends on a drill command.
When all points of my part are marked I need it to pause and so I can switch the rotary switch, then move the offset distance and then cut my part.
I was assuming I just need to put an “if tool # > 99 then offset scriber position” command but I can’t get to like my post and it either doesn’t offset or give me an error when I post.
I am using the “Mach3 THC with scriber.scpost” post with it’s simple OnDrill command:

function OnDrill()
currentX = endX
currentY = endY
endZ = drillZ
endZ = safeZ