Tool Name not working correctly


I accidently updated to the latest Develop verion 6.1.72 I’m not sure what develope version I was on before. But anyways all my tool names changed and I can’t seem to change back.

Plasma, 0.07 inch kerf

Plasma, 1/4 Steel 65 Amp

If I type in the correct name it will not apply it. Is there a setting some place I need to change? At one time there was a “Automatically generate name” check box.


The ‘automaticaly name tool’ option caused problems when copying tool sets so I replaced it with a method that tried to intelligently work out if you had modified the name. This has caused even more problems so the ‘automatically name tool’ option is back in the next release (due out within an hour). This version is slightly different in that the option is saved with the tool set which should solve the copying tool set problem.

By the way the option now only appears when you hover your mouse over the tool name.

Thanks. I will check out the new release.