Tool is feeding when it should rapid

This is an interesting problem I ran across today. I use SC daily and am rather proficient with it, so this baffles me. Refer to uploaded job file please and note the two operations that are checked, the 2.0 drill and the second operation of the 1.5 router.

The two operations that are selected are the ones in question. Whenever I post the g-code, the 1.5 milling router feeds from the home position(G28 G91 Z0 Y0 X20.), down to the initial starting point of the circle ONLY when path rules are selected. In this case, its a lead in slow down of the feed rate.

When path rules are not selected, the tool rapids to the start point as it should, and begins the cut.

One other thing, if I ONLY post the 1.5 cutter operation and no other operations, it rapids as normal to the start point and then cuts normally with path rules ENABLED.

When I post the 2.0 drill with the 1.5 router, the problem is back. Any help on this would be appreciated. Thanks!

I changed the amount of lead in on the 1.5 router from 1.49 to 1.5 and the issue went away. Also when I would change the lead in to an arc with ramp feed down to the z cutting depth it went away as well. Just one of those learning curve things, otherwise great program.