TNG misbehaving #2

Hi Les,

two issues I found :
I load a shape, define a spiral pocket operation and see the toolpath on screen. Then I doubleclick on the operation to open the pocket properties window to change from spiral pocket to zigzag pocket and the coolant control jumps from the right side to the left side of the properties window.
If I change twice or more the coolant control jumps back to its correct position.
I added a screenshot to show you this.

I don’t have the code editor window activated and create g-code and save it. Then I open the code editor window and its empty.
If the code editor is opened and I create and save g-code the g-code is visible in the code editor. Is this a wanted effect : g-code is only shown if the code editor is opened ?



SheetCam TNG 3.1.29

I have seen a few window layout issues recently. I am trying to figure out what is going wrong.

#2 - yes it is normal for the code editor to be empty until you run the post processor. It only loads the code when you run the post processor.

Issue #1 is now fixed for the next release.