tiny wierd triangles created on import

I have been using Sheet cam for a few years and love it…“all of a sudden” “for no apparent reason” LOL after importing dxf files and creating lead ins, each object has 3 start points created. The correct one, plus 2 little tiny triangles Files are attached to see what I mean. I am 99.999% sure it is not being exported from Corel X8. Any help to avoid the goblins is appreciated I never had this happen before

lucy and frank triangle error .job (104 KB)
lucy and frank.tap (25.1 KB)
lucy and frank triangle error .dxf (315 KB)

I don’t know what those triangles are but they are definitley in the dxf file.

ok thanks Les I will put Coreldraw under the microscope and run some export tests
Appreciate the look see…possibly Corel is leaving some artifacts after copy/paste /trim of objects