Tidy up the toolbox?

I am using sheetcam on a small plasma table and already have 20+ tools in the default box.

Is there a way we could have maybe a tabbed toolbox that we can easily add tabs at will, give them a name and drop tools into??

That way we could group tools by metal thickness or torch tip type etc.

That is an interesting idea. I’ll look into it.

Brilliant, I think it would be a worthwhile addition.


Mine is’t as tidy as it could be but I found it does help if you get the tool numbering spaced out more, ie: say I want to add another tool for 6mm I would number it 61 and that adds it in the right order.

Sean P. How do you create a tool list like this?

Do you create a bunch of tools and save as a template? Load that template prior to starting a job?

It’s only a screenshot from the tools table editor.
It’s just made up from adding tools using that numbering order.


You can save tool sets for later use using ‘File->save toolset as’.

I have been playing with Plugins and created a master tool set function. You can also sort by tool Number OR Diameter.


That sounds interesting. Care to share it with us?



Not a problem BUT I need to wait for Les to fix a couple of things first in Scam. Hopefully next update.

(:wink: TP