THC rule conflict


Have been sheetcam for some time with a DIY plasma and think very highly of it having used solidcam, fusion, hsmworks, cambam etc for other CNC gear! Anyway we have just added a Neuron simplicity THC to the machine and got that running recently.

My issue is that the rule to turn off the THC on small holes <25mm while using a perpendicular lead in conflicts with the “on corners tighter than x degrees turn THC off then on” resulting in the THC remaining on for small holes which causes the torch to dive into the plate.

The workaround i have been using is to put the holes on a separate layer and apply only the hole slow down rules to it, and do the same with the outline using only the corner slow down rules.

Shads post from Wed Jul 27, 2016 in the link following is the same problem.

Is there a way to stop the “on corners tighter than” rule applying to lead in’s or circles? Or is my work around of putting holes on a separate layer the most appropriate method of dealing with this?

Thanks so much!