Text in Inkscape

Hello all. Attached I have my inkscape image, with text. As soon as i save it as a .dxf and then load it in sheetcam, no text appears.(Shown in other attachment). Is there a certain way i need to save the inkscape image in order for the text to transfer into sheetcam along with the other objects? Thanks in advance.

You need to convert the text into vectors so it can become a tool path.

That is correct. With Inskscape I would also recommend using SVG instead of DXF.

What are the steps in converting the text to vectors?

Also, as you can see in the sheet cam image, there are overlapping lines under the elk. Is there a way to make it so an object’s outline flows smoothly into the next one without overlapping lines?

You will have to join the objects together and get rid of the extra lines.