SVG scaling off with 7.1.10?

Anyone else having SVG scaling issues after moving to 7.1.10? I do my usual SVG import but the objects are scaled down 0.9375 or 15/16. I can get by with changing the import scaling in Sheetcam to 1.0666666. Maybe it’s just me?

I checked my SVG export by opening it up in CorelDraw. Yep, it’s the right size, but when imported into Sheetcam, it shrinks. I can see that using the Measuring Tool. Strange…


The standard for SVG scaling changed a while back. It used to be 90 DPI then the standard changed to 96DPI. In 7.1.10 I updated to the new standard because I have had a few complaints about drawings coming in too large. It looks like I’ll have to add an option to select 90 DPI or 96DPI.

Im having the same issue. Having a hard time finding out where to change the DPI. The svg translates fine in V-Carve

I get it now. A button would be nice

I’m using:
CorelDraw 2019
SVG 1.1 in the Export Compatibility selection

This should be the default settings for CorelDraw 2019. I wonder if they’ve changed SVG scaling for more current versions.

BTW, thanks for such an awesome product and support to match!


I discovered accidently in Inscape that you can change the DPI from 90 to 96 or vice versa. Click Extensions tab then Document and it has the option to change it there. By default you have to change it there each time depending on your cam software

I ran into an issue last night with 7.1.10 (Development) still bringing SVG’s from inkscape in at the wrong scale. I am using the default of 96DPI, and a 12" tall item came in around 11". I changed the SVG properties to be 90DPI (re-scaled to 12" tall in inkscape) and the item still did not come in at the right size in sheetcam. weird?

I was able to download the stable version, and using the stable version everything worked as expected.

Dev expects 96 DPI, while stable is still on the older 90DPI. It looks like Inkscape is always saving at 90DPI, even if you change the DPI settings in your drawing.

Les is awesome. He added the 90/96 SVG scaling option. It shows up in the Drawing Options window that pops up when you import. This in 7.1.12.

Thankyou Les!