Svg and Dxf files too large

I finally figured out how to import cad files so they will fit on the material area but even when I make something as simple as my name in a 5"x 3" size it appears HUGE and off to the side in sheetCAM. I’m trying to try out a few of the free dxf files just for testing purposes but can’t get anything to fit on my 48"x 48" material size. What am I not doing, or doing wrong? Thanks for any replies in advance.

Go to options, machine, working envelope, set this to the size of the material you are using, go to table display, set this to the size of your table, in your case 48" x 48", hope this helps.

Also when importing drawing remember to choose the correct scale, 1-1,25.4-1 etc.,

Thanks, the scale was what I needed.

Your welcome.