Strang issue.... No more Z axis

Okies, I am sooooo sure this is something silly I have managed to do to myself, But I’ll be damned if I can figure out how to undo it.

The issue is thus, recently, sheetcam is generating good code, but all the Z-axis movements are ‘manual’. an Example…

N0110 M00 (Set Z to 4.0000)
N0120 G00
N0130 X4.1721 Y32.0518
N0140 G01 F3
N0150 M00 (Set Z to -3.0000)

All through the code, every new part I make, every movement on the Z-axis, it issues an ‘M00’. I have been using the MRO to adjust the Z-axis, and a few files I just fixed it myself. (I’m familiar with Gcode), but this, this is most vexing. Anyone know why Sheetcam is doing this?

You have changed your post processor. Go to Options->select post processor and choose a different post.

I knew that… I knew that…

Thanks Les