Sheetcam will not open after trying to update to newest version.

I haven’t used my plasma cnc table in a while I’m using a Linux computer I purchased my table and computer etc all together as a package. I’m new new to these things , I haven’t used the table for month , went to cut some parts today and make them in ink scape , went to sheetcam to new job imported part and it just was stuck as loading drawing. So I tried updating it finished the update bar to 0 seconds. It froze and I closed sheetcam. Went to reopen and now it will not do anything when I click it. Everything else works on the computer but sheetcam. I tried updating off the website and when I go to the saved file it just asks back ground color and permission tab just has write or read etc. I’m so lost.

What version of Linux are you using? If you don’t know, could you start a terminal and enter:

uname -a

If you let me know what that command say I can try to work out what version of SheetCam you have from there.