SheetCam sometimes hangs on startup in Ubuntu

On my candcnc Dell running Ubuntu, SheetCam sometimes won’t start. About 25% of the time, I have to xkill the program and try to run it again, until eventually it will run.
Oddly, when I installed an update to SheetCam a couple of weeks ago, I thought it fixed the problem, it opened OK for a few days, then it started doing it again.
Not a show-stopper, but definitely an aggravation I’d like to fix if possible. Linux is painful for me.


I’ve had this happen to me too. I’ll get the opening splash screen, then a message box opens up behind it (obviously the splash screen is set to be always on top). I can’t read what the message box says because of the splash screen, but if I guesstimate where the close button would be on the message box, I can click on that spot and the message box will close and the splash screen will go away. Then I can restart sheetcam, and most of the time it will start ok. I wonder if it has anything to do with it being a CandCNC system, because the kernel has been modified by CandCNC?


Sounds like what mine does.
I didn’t realize how much time it was wasting until it worked ok for a couple of days (that may have just been luck!).
It’s faster for me to go back to the house and use SheetCam on my Windows laptop, where it works flawlessly.
If I was better with Linux I might play with it more, but…Linux.