sheetcam site down?

i was just going to look at the software and it seems that the site is down? anyone know when it will be back active?

Last night a hacker found a security vulnerability on the site. Luckily I have lots of alarms in place so I found out about it within minutes and pulled the site.
It won’t be up again until I figure out what they did and fix the problem. Hopefully I can get it back up today.

It’s back up now. I spent ages testing and looking for all sorts of exotic attacks. The vulnerability turned out to be something really silly :blush:
That hole has now been stitched up really tightly.
Luckily all they managed to do was create a couple of dummy licenses that never got delivered so no harm done apart from a sleepless night and a wasted day. On the plus side it gave me some good experience with penetration testing tools and I found a couple of other minor issues that got fixed along the way.
I got away pretty lightly really. I was just checking some emails before going to bed and my inbox suddenly lit up with screams of pain from the website as some bot threw loads of attacks at it. Half an hour later and they would have had all night to beat on it.