Sheetcam post for Hurco VM1

Purchased a 2004 Hurco VM1. Owner tells me he’s using generic fanuc post from fusion 360 on the machine with no issues… machine will be here Monday. I’d love to be able to play with my new toy when it gets here. Thank you.

I don’t think I have a post specifically for that machine. Try the ‘Hurco Ultimax’ or ‘Fanuc’ post processors.

Where do I get them?

Go to Options->machine->post processor. They should be in the list of post processors.

Thank you! I’ll look for it!

Been a while but long story short I have finally got this vm1 up and running. However I have run into some snags via post processor.

the vm1 gives an error code on G70 but not G70 (units: Inches) its also giving and error code on G40 and G90 with hurco post processors provided in sheet cam. I had a friend send me a hurco post processor from fusion and of course sheet cam wont run it but it works in his vm1 so ill post it in a reply. I was able to get the machine to send data to my computer however the only thing I received was % and nothing else. any help would be appreciated

Thanks for sharing this. It helped to a similar situation.

Maybe someone could convert that post processor to work in sheetcam?

Could you send me the g-code you have that runs on your machine.

I have not successfully made it past G70 G40 or G90.
The machine has no codes in it besides a percent sign %. I have not successfully ran the machine. Traveling the next few days but when I get back I’ll double my efforts to get information to you. Thank you!

When you get back could you try manually editing the g-code file. Change the G70 to G20. Delete the G40 and G90 if you have to, though I’m surprised they cause an issue. If you can tell me what changes you need to make I can modify the post to suit.

It may also be worth asking the previous owner for a few sample programs so I can check the formatting.

I was able to take several of the Hurco posts and edit one post to work! I sent you an email with the new post processor. Tomorrow I’ll run a few large diameter circles to make sure it’s at least functional completely for 2d contours. It may need some tweaks