Sheetcam or Mach3

Help Please, I don’t know if the problem is caused by Sheetcam or Mach3.
The problem, when I create a Tap file in Sheetcam and run it in Mach3 the Z goes to +20.0000 which causes to torch on the CNC machine to go way past its limits and I have to shut down the machine.
Encolsed is a screen capture of Mach3.
Would be thankful for any imput as to what is causing the problem


screen shot

My guess is the G53 is sending it to a real or absolute position indicated by x,y or z input.

The next line is G90 which puts machine into absolute mode, then you are telling it go G91 incrementally to somewhere and then G40 is cancelling offset.

What are next couple lines?

If it is movement in Z+ machine may be going home to Z zero and then incrementally going Z+ on top of that

Just a newbie guess