Sheetcam jobs and profiles

Hey Les, so i have different profiles of sheetcam set up for our different machines with a different desktop shortcut that opens each one. When i open a job file by double clicking in the windows explorer, it opens in the default profile without any of my machine data or toolsets loaded. Is there or could there be a way to put a tag in the job file so that it knows which profile it was saved by and open it with that profile and if that happens to not be on the computer (like if i send a job file to you or someone else) then it defaults to the default profile?

Its just a little annoyance because every time i forget this and try to open from explorer and then none of my settings are there and i have to close it, open the laser profile, search for the file again, and open it.

That makes sense but it would be a pain to implement. The problem is that the profile has to be loaded before it can open the job file.
What should happen if you load a job (File->open job) that was created for a different profile?

What should happen if you load a job (File->open job) that was created for a different profile?

If you are loading a job from File>Open then i would prefer it to open that job as it does now, in the profile that is already open and ask to use default or job tools. I do like that feature a lot. There are times i have a job programmed for a machine and that machine goes down and i have to redo it for another job. All i have to do is open it in the other machines profile, use default tools, and change the tool on the operation, and run the post. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

It would just be wonderfully nice to open a job from windows explorer and it open in the profile it was last saved in. I do see how that could be difficult to implement if the profile must be loaded first. It’s almost like the toolset needs to be part of the machine configuration. Like load a different machine and it loads the corresponding toolset. That sounds like a total structure redesign though… (maybe thats another argument to change the structure anyways from part based to sheet based :smiley: i think that idea has been thrown around before)