Sheetcam Double cut in different directions

Hello all,

Could someone help me with understanding and correcting my issue with Sheetcam double cutting a single 1px line in different directions? It only does it with certain imported drawings and I don’t know if I’m importing it incorrectly, or if there is a certain setting I need to adjust within Sheetcam or Inkscape.

The software’s I’m using is Photoshop → Inkscape → Sheetcam - Mach3.

Thank you,

Sheetcam_Option_Application options_Drawing import_Remove duplicate lines

Hi Dennisshaw,

Thanks for the response! My settings are exactly same as what you posted. I’ve added a couple screenshots below to show what is actually happening.

The box to the left and outline are 1 px wide lines that I only want to have a single pass, but SheetCam is turning it into two lines.

Any ideas?

I use inkscape, it is probably inkscape are photoshop that as created the lines, you need to remove the lines you do not want in inkscape.

I have this happen every once in a while. It usually happens to me when I have manipulated an object in my drawing program. If you zoom in really close in your drawing program you will see 2 lines, even if your line width is only 1 pixel. Because of these 2 lines, Sheetcam will try to cut one line on the inside, and one line on the outside, thus the 2 directions of cuts. You will need to get rid of one of the 2 lines in your drawing program.