SheetCam Curving Straight Lines

Does anyone know why SheetCam is bending straight lines? I first noticed it in the T when using Footlight MT Light font and figured it was something with the font. I changed all the font and had no issues using Lucinda Handwriting but then I noticed two of my boxes had curves. I can work around this, just curious how I can fix it for the future so I don’t need to redo things. Attached are SVG’s and Job files. V2 is using Footlight MT Light and V4 has the two curved boxes at the top. Beans was always at the top but Squash used to be in the middle. I moved it to make it fit better. Any insight is appreciated.


Garden Markers V2.svg
Garden Markers V2.job (464 KB)

Two posts so I can add all files…
Garden Markers V4 Lucinda Cut File.svg
Garden Markers V4 Lucinda Cut File.job (524 KB)