Sheetcam changing from inches to mms when importing fr

Still learning and appreciate your help:

I have a part that measures about 16" x 16". When I import the part into Sheetcam, its showing up as 406 INCHES and runs the torch off the table. I realize 16" is equivalent to 406mm. I’ve changed every setting I know to inches and have verified in QCAD and Inkscape that the file is actually 16".

Where is this conversion happening? How do I fix it?

Thank you

It’s probably this setting when you load the drawing into sheetcam.

Thanks for your response. I do have that setting set to inches. However on your screens hot I notice the ratio setting on the bottom of the column is 1:1. Not being at my machine, I believe mine is set at 1:25. Could this be the issue?

It sounds like your drawing is metric. You may have drawn it using inches but it has probably been saved using metric units. If you select metric in the drawing options it should import the correct size.

Ok, I will give your response a try. Thanks for your help!!