Sheetcam and Big Sur?

I’m looking at buying Sheetcam to use with fusion360 for making the G codes for plasma cutting .
I have Big Sur on a new iMac. will it be compatible with it?
I may have missed them but did not see instructions for loading it on a Mac.

If so will I be able to put Sheetcam on the iMac then pick back up with Sheetcam on the windows laptop in the garage on the plasma cutter?
so have it on both computers?


I don’t think SheetCam can be run on a newer Mac. SheetCam is only available for Winows and Linux.

thank you for the info. are their any instructions here as to how to set perimeters for Hypertherm 45 powermac?

I’m running the Windows version on Big Sur through CrossOver for Mac. There are some minor flaws, for example not possible to create a support file, but overall it works great. I have tried PlayOnMac too but it didn’t work. Plain Wine doesn’t work for 32-bit apps since Catalina because only 64bit processes are allowed. CrossOver uses a mysterious way to translate 32-bit to 64bit and it seems to work very well, at least for SheetCAM.