sheet cam issue not firing torch.

We recently plugged in our shop computer to the internet that runs our plasma table. It updated drivers and who knows what else. Ever since then our old code and projects will cut on the table but anything new that we create in viacad and write code for in sheet cam and try to run through mach 3 goes through all the actions of the project but fails to turn on or off the torch.

We are in corona ca, anyone in the area that can help or possibly walk me through this? Very frustrating.

Since your old g-code files still fire the torch, it’s got to be related to Sheetcam. Are you still using the right post in Sheetcam? You might try comparing an old and a new g-code file to see what’s different.


Hi Jason, you sent me an email but I’ll reply here. If it appears to be moving over the cut paths without firing the torch the problem is most likely the post processor. Take a look at the old code. Near the top of the file it usually says what post processor was used. In SheetCam go to Options->machine->post processor and make surfe you have the same one selected.

Thank you guys, I have been in contact with a carlos who is going to stop by today. The post processor is the same now. But over night from when I posted this to the next day (yesterday). It now doesn’t even have enough code to draw the picture in the upper right hand corner and trace the project it doesn’t do anything.

We can still cut old projects that have already been coded in sheet cam.

I’m really stumped here, I went through everything i sheet cam and can’t find anything wrong, I’ve reloaded the licence agreement a number of times, changed all the settings and then back again. For some reason sheet cam isn’t loading or producing all the code.

Open to try anything.

If you aren’t getting anything it sounds like a license isue. Send me a PM with your license serial number (look in Help->about) and I’ll check it out.