Shape Library Toolpath Error

Hey Les,

I am seeing a problem again with some of the shapes in the library and the toolpaths not being generated correctly. When I first create the shape, everything appears to be fine. But sometimes when I save the job file and later reopen it or when I try to edit a shape that has a few duplicates, something in the toolpath gets messed up at the corners. The contour mode shows a continuous closed contour with the exception of some blue arrows at the corner and the corner is not offset like the rest of the sides.

This does not seem to be repeatable at all, it appears to be completely random when it happens. It usually happens when a shape is edited and there are multiple duplicates though.

And some of our users here are having a problem where pierce points are being added in the corners of shapes. For some reason, I have not seen that on my computer yet, but two others here at the company have on their computers. I am suspecting that has something to do with using points for drilling though, I’ll dig into that a little deeper.

I just turned off the true width toolpath and see whats happening, but dont know why. The toolpath is swapping from outside contour to inside contour even though the contour mode is showing it all as an outside contour.

Base Plate Extensions.job (64.7 KB)

I’ve noticed a small problem on a plain rectangle with no corner rad, adding a outside cut operation it says some parts are to small to machine, adding a small rad cures that so easily got around it, just thought I’d mention it.

Hey Sean,
Yeah, I found a problem with the code that generates the shape a few minutes ago. It appears to basically put a point at the corners if the corner radius is set to 0. A few of the other rectangular shapes with corner radii have the same bug. I just fixed them and I’ll send them to Les to incorporate into the next update.

If you want the updated files before Les looks over them and adds them to the next update, PM me and be happy to share them. Don’t want to just post them here in the forum because some people may not know where to copy them to and mess some other stuff up by trying. Then Less might be less than happy with me lol. I like to try to stay on his good side since I tend to ask some pretty off the wall questions and rare use cases.

Sorry for the late reply. It looks like somehow the lines are in the wrong direction. In other words the arcs are counter clockwise while the lines are clockwise (or the other way around). SheetCam should automatically correct that but shapes do bypass some of SheetCam’s checks. I’ll have to look closely at the code to see if this is one of the checks that it is missing.

Well, I thought that exact same thing too but I went in and changed the directions of the lines on that particular shape in the shape code and it still happened.

Well, I guess I should say it did not fix that particular job file after I edited the existing shape with the updated shape code. I haven’t used it long enough yet to see if that prevents it from happening in the future.

I will say it only happens when a job file is saved, closed, and reopened or when a shape is created, saved, and then edited. So maybe the initial shape generation is going through the checks, but the updates are not?

There’s definitely something weird going on. I can’t remember if shapes get re-generated when you load the job. I’ll have to look into it.

Thanks David, I’ll be fine adding a radius for now it’s no problem, don’t want to mess anything up, I can do enough of that myself!
Shapes are really useful, thanks :+1:

Hey Les, have you had a chance to see what’s going on here? Still having the same problem over here.

Sorry, I forgot. I’ll look into it later this week.

That was a tough one to find but it is now fixed ready for the update later this week.

Sounds good, nice one!