Shape library for 6.1.57 version?

Is there a possibility to use the shape library for V6.1.57?
I copied the extension folder and the icon appeared in the tool bar, but starting this results in an error message.
Any workaround or simply not usable with that version?

The current shape library relies on functions that are only available in V7.x.x.

Is there also an older version of the shape library that works with that version?

The Windows versions around that time had a version of the shape library. You could try using the files from the V6.1.x Windows versions.

Can you please post such a version? I have only a V5.1.7 that doesn’t have this plugin. Thanks.

Try this:

Thanks! The included shape library works with the 6.1.57 Linux version. Great!

something else you might try, is install wine and then install the windows 7.x version of sheetcam. it work quite well

Please school me on how to get the shape tools in my CommmandCNC Linux set up. 6.1.57 32 bit version. I have posted on the commandCNC form but no response. I have my lic thru commandCNC.

Just download and install the 6.1.67 Windows version and copy the shape lib folder to the linux installation. If I remember correctly, this is all.