Several issues (on my end, not the software)

I recently purchase a CNC router and it came with Sheetcam. Not sure of the version but figuring several years past?
I have been searching and reading posts on this BB trying to figure out this corner sharpening thing using a v-bit (1/2’ 90*). I have been able to get it to trace the letters (for a sign) when the letters were too mall for the cutter by cheating the software with applying different specs for this bit. However I have not been able to get the corners feature to work much less find it in the program. Perhaps this version does not have it.
Are there and video tutorials on doing this for a router?
I believe the software is transferable from reading other posts, how about updating the software?
Any advise would be great!

Corner sharpening is in the ‘Cut path’ tab. Enable ‘overcut corners’

Assuming you have SheetCam TNG or SheetCam TNG Development (check in Help->about) you can upgrade by downloading and installing the latest version over the top of your existing installation.

Thanks for the reply. I will head to the shop today and see. another problem is I don’t have internet access at the shop to update the program. Is there a workaround to put it on the house computer (with internet) and transfer the program via jump drive?

The upgrade / update worked just fine. Thanks for the help!