Set Zero-Z-Plane to the bottom

Hello Folks,

i know i can twiddle around with the tool-length to achieve this, but i think there would be some use for this feature…

I’m talking about setting the Zero of Z to the table instead of the top of the material. This is commonly used on vacuum-tables and stuff like that.
So you don’t have to measure the thickness of the material exactly where you are going to scratch for the z-height on every new workpiece, but just save the height of your vacuum-table once (which is equal all over the table) and you are done.

So you don’t have to measure thickness of material, no scratching on the workpiece and no cutting in the mats, that lie between workpiece and table

Just start your mill, reference all axes, call offset and start milling

What are you thinking? It is just a little calculation for the software, changing signs for some values and stuff like that. No essential change necessary, i would say?

Or maybe there is a easy and save way to achieve this and i just do not know?



This can be done with a fairly easy post modification. Go to Options->machine->post processor and click on the ‘Edit post’ button. Search for any occurrence of: (endZ + toolOffset) and replace it with: (endZ + toolOffset + materialThick)

OK, that is easy.
So i can save it as a new PP and make me an extra desktop-shortcut that uses this PP automatically :slight_smile:

Thank you very much!

Just to mention for all the others:

Read this thread for using different PP automatically when starting SheetcamTNG: