Selecting Cut order

Hoping you guys could add a feature after the paths are generated. I use Rhinoceros3D to draw parts and nest sheets for efficiency, then transfer the whole sheet to whatever program creates the g code. On my old system (2011 Multicam EZCUTCNC) I could go in and click each contour (inside or outside) then select “reorder cuts in order contours were selected”. This way you can quickly run through your whole sheet and pick the inside contour then outside contour for each part. Currently we select inside layers then it goes back to cut the outside layer. If your sheet warps somewhere in between, then all inside contours are not accurate. I would think most CAD designers would agree that the place to nest is in whichever 3D CAD program they are using to design. This would eliminate the need to write a set of rules for each part saving users a huge amount of time for each sheet. I also noticed sheetcam can somewhat recognize inside contours from outside on its own. Multicam could read an entire sheet and designate inside versus outside and add lead-in/lead-outs accordingly. This could be another time saving feature as we would not need to go through and manually designate each contour. I believe Jim Colt was one of the pioneers of this Technology and could hopefully chime in on this thread.

There are a couple of ways of doing this in SheetCam.

Fully automatic:
In SheetCam open your cut operation and go to the ‘Cut path’ tab. Make sure Optimisation is set to auto and set the cutting rules to ‘Keep parts together’. Make sure both the inside and outside contours in your drawing are on the same layer. Now SheetCam will always fully cut each part before moving to the next.

Again make sure all of your part contours are on the same layer. Now switch to edit start points mode (Mode->edit start points). Now right-click on your drawing and select ‘quick cut sequence’. You can then click on each start contour turn to both set the start positon and the cut order. Press the escape key or right-click->end sequence when you are finished.

Ok I’m gonna give that a go. How do I get the parts to the same layer if they are on inside layer or outside layer to get the cut on the correct side of the contour?

SheetCam figures it out for you and automatically reverses the cut side for inside contours.

Thanks Les!
She’s hummin now. I guess I was watching old YouTube videos on set up