Scanything Linux build broken?

Did you by any chance push out changes to the Linux build recently?

// repeat from Scananything camera orientation correction? posting//

Xbuntu OS
App opens and checks server/camera then nothing.
Can’t calibrate, homed multiple times in CommandCNC, loaded a file into CommandCNC,
Scananything will not load up controls/initiate, lower UI stays grayed out.

Image is good, log tracks when I plug/unplug camera.

Again, no Scananything ‘Machine’ section activating.

I have tried both Remote /simulation modes.
My remote is showing: localhost
Is this my problem?

Image of UI in:
Scananything camera orientation correction? posting
(I’m not at shop now…)

SCANANY_FAIL.png (225.82 KiB)

I guess what I should ask is: was there a push-change to the Linux software that could have changed things?
Still down, can’t use the application.
Trying to isolate/figure out where things went wrong.

I’ll check the Scanything version when I get to the shop tomorrow.
If there’s a known working version that I should download/re-install please message with details/link.

To continue,
Xbuntu Linux
CommandCNC 1.2.2
X/Y homed

  1. re-installed Scanything_setupV2.0.17.17-32; no changes, lower UI inactive - UNUSABLE

  2. rolled back install to Scanything_setupV2.0.12-32; no changes, lower UI inactive - UNUSABLE

  3. Update detected for Scanything_setupV2.0.13-32; fails to run update successfully, throws 404 when file location is added directly to browser

  4. re-installed Scanything_setupV2.0.17.17-32; no changes, lower UI inactive - UNUSABLE

Neither Remote/Simulator modes will run
My remote client is: localhost

Same camera, same cables, same everything.
I had Scanything running a couple months ago, and haven’t made any changes to the computer, added any software, nada.
I am a paid-in-full subscriber to both Sheetcam/Sheetcam Rotary, and Scanything.
All Sheetcam software is direct from the source.

Sorry, I missed this thread. Scanything will always ask if you want to update. I can’t push out changes without it asking if you want to install the update.

It looks like you don’t have the LinuxCNC plugin enabled in Options->machine. Could you show me a screen shot with that menu selected.

You’re talking about Sheetcam UI correct?
I’ve got this:

Is that what you wanted to see?

// the LinuxCNC plugin enabled in Options->machine //
Which app/ui? Do you mean in CommandCNC?
I will be looking tomorrow