Scananything camera orientation correction?

I couldn’t calibrate my camera until it was flipped 180 on Z.
Following this, it calibrated on first attempt.

Is there still a software analysis component you were working on? detection/correction of camera orientation based on motion analysis?
Obviously, it much easier to just flip the camera in meat-space…

More curiosity than need.

I had the same problem when I tried scanything years ago… again it was a head scratching moment…

then I just put a line on the camera to mark “up” for next time

Is this on Linux or Windows? The Linux version should auto detect an 180 degree rotated camera. Both versions detect small rotational errors and compensate for them

I had to flip the camera to get things to work (LINUX xbuntu)

NOW, I just put 30 minutes into trying to just calibrate, but after homing in CommandCNC 2x Scananything will not load up control/stays grayed out.

Image is good, log tracks when I plug/unplug it.

Again, no machine section activating.

I have tried both Remote /simulation modes.
My remote is showing: localhost

I haven’t changed anything on the machine since the app worked last time.

Of course, now a guy wants a part . . .