Scale part after operation applied

Thought a feature like this could come in handy, but no idea if it’s a doddle or a nightmare to implement.

Having the ability to tweak the X and Y size of a part after you’ve done all your leading types, positions, cut order, etc, could be a big time saver.

I know you can enter a general proportional scale upon import, but I’m talking being able to independently stretch/shorten X and Y after the operation so a user would not have to set up the part all over again if some tweaks to the part size were needed.

You can edit the drawing and reimport it into the same part and the operation settings should stay.

Thanks for that info, but I could not get it to work.

Example, I exported a DXF from Coreldraw, and imported that into Sheetcam.

Set up custom cut order and pierce locations using “Quick Cut Sequence”.

Save job.

Close Sheetcam

Open the DXF in Qcad and scale up, then Save (not Save As)

Open the job file I just closed

File / Import and open the scaled up DXF

Cut paths not same, file seems to be treated as completely new, and the default cut sequence given.

Don’t know if there’s something in the above sequence that “breaks” the operation settings, or this simply cannot be done.

Did you select the same part before clicking import the drawing?

When you load a drawing SheetCam tries to match tabs, start points etc from the current drawing to the new one. It does this by trying to find nearby features. For instance if you have a start point on a corner on your old drawing and that corner moves SheetCam will no longer be able to match that start point. Scaling the drawing will of course move pretty much everything.

And I’m guessing implementing independent XY scaling in Sheetcam while maintaining operation settings, etc, would not be a simple feature to implement.

No, I’m afraid it wouldn’t.

OK, thanks Les.

It’s strange, for some reason I can’t get anything out of your scheme