saving and loading machine files?

I use my CNC for multiple types of work, from cutting vinyl to routing to engraving and soon plasma. Will the save/load machine files save and load the tool sets for each setup? In other words, I would like to create a vinyl cutting machine file that only had the vinyl cutter tool and not others. It would also remember things like rapid clearances and so forth. Then create a routing machine file that had all of my normal tools, etc.

On a side question, whats the current state of progress on the V cutter plugin? I have a job that would be a good candidate for V cutting.

Scott Sutton

Saving the machine only affects the settings in Options->machine so it probably won’t do what you want. You are probably better off using job templates. Set up your tools, rapid clearances etc then go to File->save job template. Job templates contain all your tool settings, material settings and any operations you have defined. Unfotunately they don’t contain the machine definition so if you want to use a different post, table size etc you will also need to save the machine.